Smart TV Special Package:


It’s hard to find a house without a television. It is that one inescapable entertainment electronic that is most commonly used by all age groups and a home somehow feels missing without one.

Washing machine

A washing machine is the one essential home appliance that you need to wear clean, spotless garments every day to feel confident and to look attractive.

Air Conditioner

An Air Conditioner is also usually power hungry, which is why, you need to pay close attention to its power consumption & star ratings because they define how light these machines would be on your pockets.

Ultra HD 4K Smart LED Television

Upgrade your television viewing experience like never before. Watch crystal clear videos in finest details on the 4K-UHD LED screen. Experience seamless connectivity with built-in Wi-Fi and LAN. Go further and personalize your TV with screen mirroring and App store support. Let technology and entertainment enrich your life with DIALMII's range of smart TVs.

Washing Made Easy and Breezy​

Pamper your delicate clothes and give them the care they deserve. Add your additional clothes in the middle of a washing cycle with the convenience 'Pause N Add' feature. Wash your clothes in a matter of minutes in the 'Speed-up Wash' mode.

Rapid Cooling

DIALMII brings to you a new range of DIALMII Air Conditioners – Grande Heavy Duty ACs, with a stronger cooling capacity of up to 5500 W. This ensures efficient cooling even when the outside temperature is 60 °C. With their rapid cooling feature, these ACs bring down the temperature to up to 18 °C in just 45 seconds (this helping you save energy as well.) Equipped with a built-in WiFi feature, these ACs can be controlled from anywhere using your smart phone.

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Thank you very much for your wonderful service, my LED TV exactly what I wanted. Delivered promptly by courteous people. I will definitely be using your services again.
Kshma Sharma


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